Conditions of Sale

Terra Da Bosco Ltd.a wood flooring manufacturing and sales company registered in Hungary.

1. The order is valid in case of written, signed and sealed contract, wherein the following features can be found:

  • type of parquet,
  • wood species,
  • size,
  • quality,
  • quantity,
  • delivery date,
  • terms of payment.

2. The delivery and the billing dates are the same.

3. The signed agreement binds both parties. The seller undertakes to produce and deliver the products and the customer undertakes the receipt of the product and undertakes 100 % of the consideration for the payment within the time limit.

4. In case of delayed payment the customer must pay the default interest to the seller corresponding to twice in Hungary declared base rate of issue bank on the last calendar day of the semester preceding the last day of the period of the payment until the total price is not paid off.

5. The customer checks itemized the product delivered to site, draws up a protocol which shall cover any observation and is signed by representative present on both sides. The acting carrier's employee represents the seller if the seller is not there. Further complaint is possible within 8 days of receipt for as much as the properties of the delivered parquet can be changed in the absence of appropriate storage.

Therefore the seller is not obliged to accept any complaint beyond eight days.

6. The City or Country Court or the determining authority is competent for managing any quarrels according to the location of the manufacturer-seller.

7. As wood is a natural material each pieces are different in each case both in colour and structure. Therefore the samples are made available are only guide products, don't bind production liability for the seller.

Terra da Bosco