Terra Da Bosco

Terra da Bosco Ltd. was established in 2000 in order to produce wood flooring and solid wood parquet on the basis of the experience obtained by the Barro family
from Treviso.
During the manufacturing of parquet we produce them with tongue and groove profile, in mosaic form and with lamellated finish.

Our company is situated in Bérbaltavár, near the Austrian border, in a strategically favourable position.
During the production we produce solid parquet from oak in two versions:

  • unfinished, crude parquet (to be sanded and oiled or varnished on site);
  • prefinished parquet, which is surface-treated, only needs to be installed.

High quality parquet is manufactured in compliance with UNI EN standards. Each product of our company carries CE marking: There is quality control in each phase of the production from the arrival of the raw material through processing phases to the end of delivery.

Thus our customers can be assured that the parquet bought by them suits their expectations and it complies with the quality parameters.

Product lines we offer to our customers:

  • Tongue & Groove Parquet and Swedish Flooring, which must be sanded and treated on site.
  • Prefinished parquet, sanded, bevelled, maybe brushed, smoked, double smoked, oiled.
  • Herringbone by cutting French (45°) or Hungarian (30°)
  • Classic Mosaic Parquet for example the Versailles and the Chantilly or special as the Moors, the Arsenale and the prestigious San Marco and San Giorgio.

Wood flooring from Terra da Bosco Ltd. is the result of perfect manufacturing. It is a parquet that can be installed in any environment with different surface treatments.
It emphasizes the beauty of the place, whether it is rustic or modern, our parquet perfectly suits your needs and expectations. Our wood flooring is timeless and ageless.

We recommend it to: individuals, retailers and distributors, companies, hotels, gyms, castles, shops, shopping centres and offices – that is to everyone who loves wood.

Terra da Bosco