Quality policy

We sell products with high quality requirements in compliance with our regulations. We back all our products with warranty under our strict regulation.

Definition of quality categories pursuant to the European Union standard EN:

Quality categories:

Top side
Sapwood: Not allowed Slight traces
Knots (healthy): up to 5 mm diameter up to 15 mm diameter
Knots (plastered): Not allowed up to 35 mm diameter
Cracks: Not allowed Not allowed
Bark pockets: Not allowed Not allowed
Mixed texture: Allowed Allowed
Colour differences: In small quantities Allowed
Medullary rays: Allowed Allowed
Biologic alterations: Not allowed Not allowed

Not visible parts, surfaces:

All features are allowed without limit of dimension or quality if they don’t compromise the resistance to ware of wood flooring.

Healthy sapwood is allowed without limit of dimension.

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