Products - 2-3 Layers


Engineered wood flooring is made by gluing the solid top wear layer with the corresponding birch plywood or by joining the and two-layered pine to the walnut top wear layer. We produce laminated products in various widths and lengths according to customer needs; we recommend ones with floating installation in large widths as well. Different sizes increase the aesthetic value of our products. They are installable in case of under-floor heating too.

It can be transported in the following ways:

  • crude (parquet without sanding and surface treatment)
  • prefinished parquet (sanded, bevelled on 4 sides, maybe brushed and oiled)

General sizes are given in mm. (thickness x width x length)

  • 11 x 140 x 800-2200 (not fix lenght, random)
  • 15 x 115/160/200 x 1400-2450 (not fix lenght random)
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