Milan collection

Wood flooring made of solid wood, 15 mm or 20 mm, with tongue and groove fit, prefinished, ready for use.

Terra da Bosco Ltd. was established in 2000 in order to produce wood flooring and solid wood parquet based on the experience obtained by the Barro family from Treviso. We produce tongue and groove parquet, herringbone and mosaic wood flooring from solid and multilayer wood.

The seat of our company is situated in Bérbaltavár, near the Austrian border, in a strategically favourable position. We produce a wide range of parquet floors from oak with high-quality and unique beauty from oak in several versions.


Today’s evidence of European culture and history. Made of solid wood or multilayer, each piece is installed with tongue and groove, glued on side just like in the old European castles. It can be joined with other materials as well (marble, tile ,denim)

2-3 Layers

Made with 4 mm top layer, in case of 2-layer with phenolic glue on plywood of birch; in case of 3-layer glued on 2-layer plywood of pine.


Tongue and groove parquet with 30, 45, 90 grade. Installable anywhere in old castles as well as in modern apartments.